BIONET Roadmap


9-10 November – BIONET Kick-Off meeting, London


1-5 April – Workshop 1: “Informed consent in reproductive genetics and stem cell technology and the role of Ethical Review Boards”, Beijing

9-11 October – Workshop 2: “Ethical governance of reproductive and stem cell research and stem cell banks”, Shanghai


1-3 April – Conference: “Ethical governance of reproductive technologies, therapeutic stem cells, and stem cell banks”, Changsha

9-12 September – Workshop 3: “Clinical Research and Clinical Research Organisations in EU-China research – ethics and governance issues”, Xi’an


27-30 April – Workshop 4: “Biobanking & Personal Genomics”, Shenzhen

2-4 September – Final Conference: “Challenges and Future Perspectives for the Ethical Governance of Sino-European Research Collaborations in the Life Sciences”, London